SA Golf Trader – 14th Annual John Collier Survey

By Alistair Collier | From SA Golf Trader


The 14th annual edition of the John Collier Annual Survey on Environmental Compliance and Good Governance of South Africa Golf Courses has been sent to golf clubs throughout South Africa. We trust that you will find this edition an interesting read, but moreover that you will derive some benefit from the findings.

Notwithstanding the torrid time the golf industry has experienced during 2020, what is positive is that there was an increase in the number of clubs participating in the survey and there was a slight improvement in the national environmental compliance and good governance level of 31%.

One of the findings from the survey is that a lot more attention needs to be focused on good governance compliance. The survey recommends that GolfRSA review th KingIVTM principles and apply them to their business processes as a matter of course, and then in their role as acting for and behalf of amateur golf in South Africa that these principles are made applicable through the representative associations (such as SAGA, WGSA), to the Provincial Unions and through them to the clubs.

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