October 2023

John Collier Newsletter No. 114

This Annual Survey provides an essential tool for chairpersons, management committees and club management of golf courses, as well as industry representative bodies, as it constitutes a benchmark for all golf clubs and associations, from which to measure themselves against latest trends, and reference recent international research into the topic of sport environmental sustainability, which is becoming an important dimension of the global sport academy. In summary, the Annual Survey takes a closer look at the findings regarding environmental compliance, in the light of international research into sport environmental sustainability.

The Value of Independent, Third-Party Review & Transparency

During the course of each year, two independent surveys are published, which focus on different, yet interrelated aspects dealing with golf. South Africa’s TOP 100 Courses focuses on what has been implemented around the courses, while the findings of the John Collier Survey’s focus, is on identifying risk, and its mitigation, through good governance and
environmental compliance.