Invite to Participate in the John Collier Survey

Aug 6, 2020 | Info Brief

The Corporate Governance Research Institute recently wrote, “that since the outbreak of Covid-19 there is no doubt that somehow all the rules seem to have changed for civil society, and indeed also for the world of business at large”. The strategy of the lockdown, the restrictions on movement and other Covid-19 interventions, for the purpose of “flattening the curve” this has brought about huge damage to the economy and loss of jobs.

Furthermore, the survival of many businesses has been brought into sharp focus and emphasising the need to adapt. “Covid-19 regulations are forcing organisations, amongst other entities, to accommodate increased virtual interactions with their employees, customers, and suppliers. This entails re-modelling previously physical ‘touch’ and ‘space’ zones to provide for spatial distancing between people, as well as the tracking and monitoring of their daily movements in certain circumstances. Considering these ‘new’ business challenges, one may question just how knowledgeable and prepared boards are to deal with the Covid-19 impacts that affect many of their strategic and operational activities. Do boards have the ingenuity and means to understand the primary and secondary risk implications, not least also the impact Covid-19 will have upon the organisation’s resilience?”

This question can equally be posed to golf clubs and their management committees. To address this question, do golf clubs have the necessary governance tools in place to assist in decision making to engender a more focused approach to good governance and environmental compliance? In this regard the John Collier Survey provides golf clubs with the appropriate tool to address their environmental compliance and good governance needs. Most certainly, the Covid-19 pandemic and the accompanying regulations have forced social change, the rules of business are changing, and it is not “business as usual.” These changes call for heightened vigilance by golf club management in respect of good governance and environmental compliance

In terms of the John Collier Survey, of the 195 clubs that participated in last year’s environmental compliance and good governance survey, 9% clubs were assessed as meeting the GOLD Compliance Level, 22% met the SILVER Compliance Level and 69% met the BRONZE Compliance Level. You may recall that St Francis Links is the current GOLD Compliance Level TOP CLUB in South Africa, with Eagle Canyon the GOLD Compliance Level Special Mention Award. We thank all those clubs that have participated in the past and we encourage them to continue to do so and encourage all clubs to participate. This tool provides clubs with the means to operate within a changing environment; the only cost involved is someone’s time to complete the questionnaire, where good governance and environmental compliance is a learning journey.

During the next few weeks clubs will be receiving a survey questionnaire with a request to complete and return. If you have any questions or require any assistance, please do not hesitate to email us.