By Alistair Collier | The Business of Golf Magazine

The elephant in the room these days, mostly concerns budget

Some time ago I wrote a piece, wherein the GM I was interviewing felt that as far as sustainability was concerned, if he could get his facility through to month end, without going insolvent, then that was about all the sustainability that he could cope with. Naturally, the underlying theme to his monthly grind, was keeping a tight rein on his expenditure.

How important is budget, in following a pathway set up with the Survey?

AC: I seem to recall that article, and although I don’t know how long ago the piece was in circulation, things have not gone much better since the end of the Pandemic!

It seems that we are beset with challenges from every quarter, and the golf business is no different. I believe that there are a number of keys things to consider with the Survey and the two most important of these are:

  1. Using the Survey is free of charge. The only costs are likely to be indirect i.e., setting aside the small amount of time each week to record the key data required, in order to monitor a club’s performance in the selected areas.
  2. Good governance and environmental sustainability are designed to support a better use of resources, so this should show as a saving on any club’s bottom line in budget terms.

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